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20000000 Volt Self Defense LED POLICE Women Safety Security Protection Stun Gun

Please check the list below for states/cities we CANNOT ship to due to restrictions. We CANNOT ship this item out of US. PURPLE Runt Rechargeable Runt 20,000,000 volt stun gun with flashlight and wrist strap disable pin (BLACK Nylon Belt Loop Holster included)Optional: Matching Color PURPLE LEATHERETTE Holster $6.50 when purchased together with the stun gun (please see the last photo)Available in 6 colors Black, Pink, Red, Purple, Blue and Green in separate listings. LIFETIME WARRANTY THE RUNT 20,000,000 volt stun guns now have an LED flashlight and wrist strap disable pin. It’s easily concealable, and virtually undetectable in the hand of a woman or a man. What your attacker doesn’t see will drop him like a roach who has ingested a little too much Black Flag. The Runt uses a new cutting edge micro-technology to deliver super powered protection. You can carry the Runt in your hand or pocket. If you would like to wear it like a cell phone there is a heavy duty nylon belt loop holster included.Specifications:4.5 milliamps20,000,000 voltsRechargeableIncludes:Non-Slip Rubberized Coating Nylon Belt Loop HolsterDisable Pin Wrist StrapBuilt-in LED FlashlightLIFETIME WARRANTY Dimension: 4″ x 1.5″x 1″ *** The stun gun needs to be charged as instructed. The disable pin (the other end of the wrist strap) needs to be inserted into the stun gun in order for the stun gun to work. Flashlight should work with or without the disable pin. The shipping of this item excludes following regions: We DO NOT sell or ship to the following states and cities where stun guns are restricted. Please make sure that they are legal before your purchase. STATES WHERE STUN GUNS ARE RESTRICTED: ILLINOIS HAWAII MASSACHUSETTS MICHIGAN NEW YORK RHODE ISLAND WISCONSIN ——————————————————————————–CITIES WHERE STUN GUNS ARE RESTRICTED:ANNAPOLIS, MD CHICAGO, IL DENSION / CRAWFORD COUNTY, IA (*According to Sheriff Tom Hogan*) DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA (Washington DC) We DO NOT sell or ship to countries outside of the United States. We DO NOT sell to minors (under the age of 18).

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