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A self defense tool– two finger bully tamer, sap, equalizer.  

HOPE YOU NEVER NEED TO DEFEND YOURSELF BUT BE PREPARED AND CONFIDENT THAT YOU CAN. Remember, the more pain you can give your opponent the less pain they will be able to give you. This is a self defense tool. Handmade of thick genuine leather. Stitched, glued and riveted. Stitched pouch is stuffed with 3/8″ steel balls. Strike areas are joints, bones etc. Very effective and easily used self defense tool. For men or women, put 2-3 fingers through the hole and make a fist to hold. Small enough to be concealed in a shirt or pants pocket. Fastened to a purse or hook on belt or belt loop for quick access. Brown or black leather DON”T BE A VICTIM, BE PREPARED. the Bully Tamer will give you an advantage. Don’t like the price……Make an offer. Thank you for your interest. MADE IN AMERICA BY AN AMERICAN

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