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Aikido Self Defense DVD

Aikido Self Defense DVD This amazing DVD contains approximately 5 full hours of Aikido martial arts training from 4 different Senseis (masters of the art). The 4 selections cover: Fundamental principals of aikido: the center, the stop point, uke’s role, balance, reversals and counter moves. Aikido moves and wrist locks to immobilize or redirect your opponent. Adaptations and many more specific moves that are far too numerous to list here. However, some of the more specific moves covered are: · Beginners and advance movements & techniques · 1st thru 5th wrist techniques · Kneeling position techniques · Head strike and defense · Wrist turning throws · Four directional throw · Wrist lock and forearm defense · Front and rear shoulder grab throws · Controlling and manipulating your opponent’s movement · Center positioning and balance · Effortless movements and techniques … And much, much more! bought this on ebay awhile back just sending it back to the sea that is ebay enjoy

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