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Anodized Titanium Self Defense Toothpick Capsule Keychain Tactical Stinger *EDC*

Self Defense Capsule Keychain Stinger Material: Ti-6Al-4V (Titanium Grade 5) Weight: ~19.1 grams assembled (0.67 oz.) Length: 129 mm (5.08 in.) Width: 9.8 mm (0.39 in.) Lightweight, high-strength, extreme corrosion resistance, non-magnetic Key Chain Specs Rope: American Urban-Camo 7-strand 550-cord Carabiner: Titanium Grade 5 Split Ring:Titanium Grade 5 Jester Bead:Schmuckatelli Pewter Here is a custom anodized one of a kind Titanium self defense capsule key chain Stinger. It comes with 3 ends and can be used as a storage capsule, glass breaker, etching tool, or for self defense. The glass breaker end is tied to the lanyard and the lanyard contains two barrel lanyard beads and one Jester Schmuckatelli Pewter bead. The optional ends are a pointed etching head (nail end), and a circular cutting head (DNA end). This Stinger comes with a titanium carabiner clip and titanium split ring key chain. The capsule area is threaded and sealed with a waterproof o-ring that can hold toothpicks and other small items. I’ve successfully fit 4 toothpicks into one of these, 2 titanium toothpicks with O-Rings are included in this auction. I have anodized the Stinger and pieces using a color change method so each one is unique and the one in the picture is the one you will receive. I only create a few at a time so get them while you can! Shipping will be free with tracking, thanks for looking! Anodization Information Titanium anodizing is a unique coating which partially penetrates into the base metal, improving fatigue strength, making it stronger and increasing its resistance to galling, with minimal dimensional change. Anodized titanium should be cleaned only with warm, soapy water, and dried with a microfiber cloth. Windex can also be used provided it is lightly dried.

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