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Black Tactical Star Wars Darth Vader EDC,Self Defense Key Chain knuckle Ring

Darth Vader Self Defense Key Chain has the force to Strike Back when the chips are down. If you are a true Star Wars fan then this is a must have for your collection. Constructed out of alloy steel, this key chain is tough as nails and light weight. Great for non-lethal self-defense. The point can be used against pressure points or can be used for striking. Order now, I have low stock and when there gone there gone. Thanks for watching.· Made from Alloy Steel that is tough as nails and will last you a life time of use· Knuckle Point allows you to defend yourself by applying pressure to pressure points or can be used for jabs and punches.· Solid Black paint for stealth use.· Compact design perfect for Every Day Carry (EDC)· Comfortable Ergonomics feels great in your hand Order now with confidence!!

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