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Emergency Survival Self Defense Knife Police Pepper Spray 1st Aid Whistle Light

The number 1 selling brand in the USA today and for good reason. The true heat and effectiveness inside a can of Police Magnum OC-17 is not only so effective it is truly and actually used by several law enforcement agencies, the competitive pricing of Police Magnum OC-17 combined have driven this brand to the for front of the self defense spray industry. You can buy more expensive and also well known brands but dollar for dollar you will not find a better value with the effectiveness of Police Magnum OC-17. Even if you do not buy from me, do yourself and your pocket book a favor and buy Police Magnum OC-17 from someone today to protect yourself or a loved one. Students have gone back to school and the economy has been down for a long time which means crime goes up. I hear from so many people being RE-active to a life altering event, some of these stories are very intense. Every single one I have spoke to have said a couple things in common. I did not think it would happen to us and the other is I meant to buy some but never got around to it or couldn’t find it. Be PRO-active and protect yourself and your loved ones before something bad happens. The wonderful thing about defense sprays is that it is affordable for everyone to purchase, it is easy to carry and not cumbersome. It is highly effective and unlike a gun, nobody can get hurt, children included. new .50oz UNIT with Hot Pink actuator Police Magnum OC-17 pepper spray Made in the USA Expiration Date 2020 EFFECTIVE AGAINST Rapist Muggers Car Jackers Animals People that do no understand no means no The 1/2oz can is a very simple to use small non-cumbersome model. This unit sports the Hot Pink safety actuator. When you slide the Hot Pink actuator to the left it is on safety and can not be fired or misfire on you. Sliding the Hot Pink actuator to the right takes the unit to what I call hot position and ready to fire. Simply aim at the eyes and nose of any potential attacker on 2 or 4 legs, depress the actuator fully and spray until empty and then run your batooty off. The Hot Pink actuator must be FULLY depress to fire the can, unlike other aerosols a partial depression of the actuator will not fire the can. You may run across people and brands telling you their half oz unit has X amount of 1second shots. This is marketing BS 101. A half oz is 14 grams. That is not a lot of liquid and 14 grams is 14 grams no matter what the brand name on the can is. These half oz units are not designed for taking control of a situation, that is bigger cans jobs. ALL 1/2oz units purpose is to give you the means and some time to escape a bad situation. You want to count shots, you want to own the situation, buy a Fire Master unit and you will turn any perp/attacker into your Bit** bleep. This and all 1/2oz type units will help buy you time to flee a bad situation. This is your life, your daughters life we are talking about, do not let silly marketing ploys influence such an important decision. These units work great when needed IF at hand. You cannot ask an attacker to give you a few seconds or minutes to dig thru your purse or car to find it. These units shoot pretty far 6-10 feet. Police Magnum is pressurized higher then most brands and can go as far as 12 feet BUT if you need to actually deploy this unit in a real life situation, accuracy with these small units is important so do not shoot someone or a dog 8-12 feet away. If they are that far you can run if they get close to you then you deploy the spray right smack in the face using eyes and nose as a bullseye. If you are down wind when deployed close your eyes momentarily while you spray and 1-3 seconds after. Good job being pro-active and stay safe out there. Quilted with Bird Deco 2 compartment zipper bag with a mesh side for easy access to find items. Measures 9″ x 3 1/2″ expandable up to apx. 4″ wide. This Survival Kit is a must for people on the go. All you need to keep yourself safe if stranded and find yourself alone, POCKET KNIFE/ MULTI TOOL KEY RINGThese hand painted pocket knife keychains include a bottle opener/flathead screwdriver, phillips screw driver, Knife/ can opener, corkscrew. Great for every day use or emergency situations. .approximately 5.5 inches long by 1 inch wide.Hand Cranked All-Purpose LED Flashlight Hand painted (matches pocket knife) Quilted with Bird Deco 2 compartment zipper bag with a mesh side for easy access to find items. Measures 9″ x 3 1/2″ expandable up to apx. 4″ wide3 Strong LED Lights Provide Bright Lighting In Dark Areas.No Batteries Required – Simply Push Down On The Mechanical Hand Crank To RechargeLightweight – Perfect For Pocket Or PurseSuitable for Self Safety, hunting, cycling, climbing, camping and outdoor activity etc. Paracord Survival Bracelet multi colored with Compass 3″ TEST TUBE MICRO SEWING KIT INCLUDES 2 PRE-THREADED NEEDLES (thread colors vary)4 heavy duty straight pins2 safety pins ( sizes vary)1 paper clip (colors vary)Butane Lighter FIRST AID KIT INCLUDES: 5 steri strip skin closures1 Insect protection cream (repellent)4 bandages1 tampon 4 TOOTHPICK/BRUSH END FLOSSERS2 Alcohol prep pad2 Antibacterial wipes 8 cotton swabs Travel toothbrush w/ Colgate toothpaste Comb 2 7″ zip ties

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