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IMPACT Personal Self Defense Protection Hand Pocket Tool Wrench non-metallic USA

International Customers must agree to shipping terms at bottom of auction. HikePro LLC PN# Def-Wrench Auction for 1: IMPACT Defense Wrench 100% Authentic. Beware of the cheap knock-offs This device offers three distinct defensive impact striking surfaces engineered to generate maximum power with minimal effort. When properly utilized, defensive strikes, locks, and control tactics can be easily implemented. The Defense Wrench can be used as a key tote and offers actual hex-head socket holes within the body of the tool for 1/4″, 5/16″, 3/8″, and 7/16″ nut removing capabilities. Color: black. Overall length: 5″. Weight: 1.2 oz. Made from high impact injection molded composite. Made in U.S.A. OTHER ITEMS WE CARRY: ABOUT US: We specialize in high quality paracord survival products. Every item is made from high quality real 550 paracord made in the U.S.A. Paracord is a must survival tool for any camper, hiker, soldier, adventurer, and even a city slicker. It has thousands of uses, makes projects easier and SAVES LIVES. Our Paracord Specs: Mil. grade 550 paracord. 100% Heavy Duty Nylon Material. Made By A Certified Us Government Contractor. 550 Pound Tested – 7 Strand Core. Made In US. 550 paracord has 7 inner strands which have a 50lb tensile strength. The outer sheath is rated at 200 lbs. Inner strands can be used for fishing line, sewing repairs, snares, etc… Stories of the 550 paracord bracelets in use: Local NJ firemen from Old Bridge area used his Survival Band to jump out of a window of a burning building. This simple cord has save the mans life. I personally have used this in many instances while camping and rafting. My bracelet came in handy when i forgot to bring rope to tie down our raft. Unraveled the Survival Band and had 14ft ot cord to tie the raft down. The rubber band in my sons pants broke during a friends b-day part and since he is only 3 no belt was warn as pants are fitted for kids. I used the bracelet to make him a quick belt with a clip and save him from dragging his pants around for the rest of the night. Also it was a great conversation topic for the rest of the night. Some people were amazed. more stories coming soon on our site… OUR AUCTIONS: Contact / eBay Messages: Any questions or special requests, please contact us through ebay messaging. We will get back to you within a day. We don’t always have access to email on Sat and Sun. You will receive a response on Mondays for messages sent Friday night or later. If you place an order for an item that requires addition information (ex: paracord items) you need to message us with the details. Or add a note during paypal checkout. If you do not provide the necessary details your order will be sitting in the pending status until the information is provided. It’s the buyers responsibility to provide these details, as mentioned in the specific auction. Shipping: USA, International packages including Canada are shipped by USPS. Buyer assumes all the responsibilities for international shipments. (USPS does not provide tracking for international shipments, customs # only) International sales are final. No refund or returns. You agree to this by purchasing this auction. All shipping fees are a flat rate and are non-negotiable. (they include shipment fee, handling, and packaging materials.) USPS continues to drastically raised shipping fees and we will do our best to keep them low. Shipping fees are non-refundable. (in case of a return) We ship 2-4 times a week. Usually will ship within 1-5 days. Custom paracord orders take longer than ready made items. Also the ETA starts after buyer provides us with the necessary information. We print our shipping labels ahead of time, this does not mean the order shipped. If you did not provide us with the necessary details for your custom paracord order, it’s still pending. Please message us to confirm. U.S. (we do provide discounted shipping on additional items, you will see it after changing item qty.) 1. USPS 1st class mail (with tracking) 2. USPS Priority Mail with tracking Canada (we do provide discounted shipping on additional items, you will see it after changing item qty) 1. USPS Intl. Mail (USPS does not provide tracking: buyer assumes full responsibility, please provide correct address and phone#) All sales final. International/Worldwide (ALL COUNTRIES) (we do provide discounted shipping on additional items, you will see it after changing item qty) 1. USPS Intl. Mail (USPS does not provide tracking: buyer assumes full responsibility, please provide correct address and phone#) All sales final. International Customers are fully responsible for: shipment, delivery customs, and if order is lost, non-delivery. No refunds, no returns, no exceptions!! International Customers assume full risk of purchase. USPS only provides customs#, that is not a tracking #. Buyer needs to make sure item being purchased is legal in your area can ship to your location. Thank you Payments: PayPal only Returns: Returns only accepted for DOA, or defective items. No returns on new items. Returns for unused / un-opened items will be accepted on case by case basis. Contact me, all issues can always be worked out. In case of a return, buyer always pays return shipping. Original shipping fees are NON-refundable. Only item value will be refunded. Feedback: We always strive for 100% customer satisfaction and leave our customer 5* feedback. If you have any issues with your order please contact us first, we’ll be happy to assist you. Our customers satisfaction are our priority. Sincerely, HikePro TeamHikePro LLC

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