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Keychain Self Defense Kit – Polished Metal Whistle & Anti Assault Martial Spike

Keychain Self Defense KitMilitary/Aircraft Grade Aluminum Whistle & Shaped Metal Anti Assault Spike The anti assault spike was originally designed as an anti-wolf weapon. They are lightweight, made from aircraft grade shaped aluminium. They are the perfect shape to get a good grip on it allowing it to be driven downward or thrusted forward with your full strength. The strength of the thrust can determine damage and even a light thrust can hurt badly (enough for most people to be injured and dissuaded). This effect is rather like a tactical pen. A full force blow will pierce and can cause profuse damage. Imagine the force of a high heel driven down, yet with a tapered design which increases the possible damage while also providing a strong grip. Additionally the spike, if held with the thumb inside the keyring pressing down and a comfortable grip around the weapon with the other fingers is incredibly hard for an attacker to take away. The Whistle is durable anti-aircraft metal as well and it’s design keeps it safe and functional. It’s not going to dent when you sit on it and it’s going to work when you need it. That’s all we can ask from a good quality whistle. The 120 decibel loudness of this particular item is impressive and will definitely draw the attention of people (a chainsaw generally is 121db for example, as is the average thunderclap. A rock concert is 110db.) A Note from Us We sell self-defense weapons because they appeal to us and we enjoy collecting the various types of them. However, one thing I don’t think we often stress enough….practice what you’d do in advance. You don’t have to be a martial artist. You don’t have to know how to fight. This spike can be a handy weapon, but try holding it with purpose and finding your best grip. See how you would use it organically in a defensive situation. The same is true with any self defense weapon, but we’re mentioning it here just because we think it’s good safety practice. That’s the goal of this item and this sale…to give you another option for personal safety. To keep costs low for the customer, we don’t allow color selection, attempting to send you a matched pair of whatever is available. However, if you have a specific desire, a few colors you might like, or one you absolutely don’t want…please feel free to send us a message after purpose. Most typically items will be silver, black, red, but all colors pictured are available. About UsWe have the core values that any retailer should: we want to make sure our customers are happy. That means having the item as described in the customers hands as quickly as possible with no issues. Every item we sell comes from a retail, warehouse, or safe storage environment. Holiday PoliciesAround the Holidays things get frantic for everyone. When we buy things for our loved ones we want to make sure we have it ready to go when we need the item. We all know that USPS, Fedex, and UPS get overburdened around this season, delaying shipping times for everyone. We’re dedicated to getting your item to you in the most efficient way possible during this season, because we know that what’s important is that you have it by the time you need it. We’ll use any method we can to get around delays and if we’re running behind, we’ll even take a loss and send the item from an alternate distributor if that is an available option. Happy Holidays everyone, and best wishes to you all.Shipping and Return Policy Most items we sell are available for return, but even if they are not we always want a happy customer. Your item should be as described and functioning properly, and if it isn’t, we’ll work with you to make it right regardless of what the individual policy.We also assure our customers that each item will be as described or your money back! Any product you return must be in the same condition you received it in, unless it is an item that did not function properly. If an item requires that the buyer pay for return postage, we also refund that amount upon receipt of the item. Some small, low cost items may ship through regular first class mail without tracking to keep the price down for customers.

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