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Lot of 6 Self Defense Rings – Uni-Claw Rings – Kakute – Tactical Jewelry

Introducing the Uni-Claw Self Defense Tactical Ring (Patent Pending) – Made from dense, durable industrial grade plastic, this ring can deliver powerful blows to the unsuspecting adversary. (We’ve tested it with 100’s of punches thrown at various objects. See the scars in the pictures?) An almost undetectable addition to your self defense arsenal. Sharp enough to pierce fleshy outer shells, thin enough to slice even some of the toughest of foes. Evil- Doers beware, this ring gives any wearer a tactical advantage in today’s unpredictable world. Be ready to deliver deadly strikes at a moments notice with the Uni-Claw Self Defense Tactical Ring. You’ll Receive 6 Uni-Claw rings in different sizes to help accommodate varying finger sizes. Please contact us immediately if you require a custom size/design. All sales are final.

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