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Mini Stick Keychain Kubotan Self Defense Training DVD

PERFECT FOR WOMEN’S SELF DEFENSE Don’t be a victim of assault or violence! This training video offers a complete self defense system that will show you how to use this amazing weapon to protect yourself in any situation. The keychain system is street legal, safe, easy to learn, and devastatingly effective. This is an ideal course for women, or anyone who wants to learn a quick and simple self defense method that requires a minimum amount of time to gain proficiency. The DVD presents easy to follow instruction on the Whipping Method, Locking Method, and Striking/Pressure Point Method, all taking using the mini-stick keychain. Also included are crime prevention tips, nerve strikes, combinations, and self-defense scenarios. This is an excellent choice for women’s self-defense or for anyone wanting to effectively protect themselves. Extremely simple to learn. Much more effective than pepper sprays and stun guns because it cannot be used against you by an untrained opponent! Approximate running time 32 minutes. Order today and get a free mini stick keychain included with your DVD Instruction presented by Kyoshi L.M .Vellucci, 7th Degree Black Belt and President of the Kobukan Karate Federation. Customer Comments: I have seen many videos in my time that were way too advanced for the average man or woman. The moves were too fast or too complex to comprehend from a video. Many people are intimidated or lose interest with such poor instruction. This tape is different…. I was impressed with the easy instructions and practical knowledge gained from this Mini-Stick training tape. The instructor would actually change position just so you could see what he was doing. The mini-stick or kubotan as we call it, is an extremely effective weapon when used properly. The simple moves shown on this tape are easy enough for children to grasp. I honestly found it to be one of the best instructional videos ever. I highly recommend this set to anyone, it makes a great gift for an entire family. –Irv Miller President, J & L Products I highly recommend Mark Vellucci’s video’s on the Mini Stick Keychain for Self Defense. The tape is easy to follow and Mr. Vellucci’s Instructional methods are excellent. ——Darrell W. Peters B.S. Police Administration M.A. Ed. Psychology 2nd Dan Tae Kwon Do Other keychain systems seem to be intended for law-enforcement needs only. Renshi Mark’s system is not only useful to law-enforcement, but seems supremely suited to civilian usage. Not only do I highly reccomend his product, but I have thrown other techniques out the window. ……Scott S. – Deputy Sheriff – Defensive Tactics Instructor Pennsylvania

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