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Munio Self Defense Keychain Butterfly Glass

Please read our policy thoroughly. If you do not agree with our policy, then please refrain from bidding and/or purchasing. Munio Self Defense Keychain Butterfly Glass The designer of MUNIO Self Defense Keychains, Phil Ventrello is a licensed martial arts instructor and a passionate advocate of any option you can use to protect yourself. Over the years, he has encountered victims of rape or other criminal violence.Sadly, those victims came to him for help after they had already been victimized. Unfortunately, that’s far too late. The damage is done, and many are still plagued by that terrible incident.“I was so disgusted with innocent people being harmed that I felt compelled to create a self defense product that just about anyone can use for protection. So, I combined my skills as both a martial artist and a graphic designer and invented a unique personal safety accessory – the MUNIO Designer Self Defense Keychain!” -Phil VentrelloThe MUNIO Designer Self Defense Keychain is a stylish evolution of martial arts tools used successfully throughout history for protection. The name MUNIO [moon-yo] means “I protect” or “I defend”… and that’s exactly what it can do for you and your loved ones! MUNIO can empower you to fight off an attacker and escape safely!Features:Safe: No personal risk of electrical shock or chemical discharge – Safer around children Keep it Close: It is very easy to carry. You can attach it to your keys and it will fit right in your pocket or purse. Easy to Use & Effective: Legal, non-lethal self defense solution with two defensive options. Grip the MUNIO and strike your attacker with the end of the unit at full force aiming for the closest part of their body, or hold it firmly and swing your keys at them. Both will surely stop your attacker and send them running in the other direction! More versatile than other products against a variety of common “street” attacks. Can even work against surprise attacks from behind. Design: Sleek, thin, ergonomic body fits comfortably in your hand. Durable: Small and lightweight – Virtually unbreakable material made in the United States. Stunning, scratch resistant designer artwork. Carry Anywhere: Legal in all states and TSA / air travel compatibleMeasures: Approximately 4.5″ x 1.5″Always remain alert and aware of your surroundings at all times. That way you just might be able to avoid a hostile situation completely. However, its best to be prepared in case you get caught off guard. That’s where the MUNIO Designer Self Defense Keychain can really help!How to Use MUNIO: 1. First, its important to hold MUNIO correctly. Place MUNIO in your dominant hand with the tip sticking out below your pinkie finger. The other side with the keys will be sticking out above your thumb. This is a comfortable and powerful grip, and will allow you to use the point to strike both forward and backward, as well as easily whip an attacker with your dangling keys.2. The moment an assault starts, strike or whip the closest part of the attacker’s body – and HURT him! Strike with the pointed end or swing your keys and whip with as much power, speed and intensity as you can to cause as much pain as possible to disable your attacker. Thin skinned areas close to bone are ideal to maximize the pain of the strike. The entire head, face, eyes and neck are great targets, as well as the top of the hands, the forearms, the thighs, etc.Whether you are striking with the point, or slashing with your keys , or a combination of both, you should react quickly.and aggressively. According to national research, forceful physical resistance is an extremely successful strategy to prevent rape. In fact, a woman who fights back aggressively gains an 86% chance of avoiding the rape and incurs little chance of additional injury! There are times that strongly pressing the point into the attacker and immediately dragging backwards with it is also very effective. If you have the option to either strike or whip, then just use whatever action is quickest and most natural for you. Do not overthink what to do… just react and strike! If necessary, follow up with another strike or whip until you have disabled the attacker enough so you can get away to safety. Terms of Sale It will be under the understanding that if you purchase this item, you have read our policy below and will comply with them.Policy:We are an established retail brick and mortar business for over 20 years and pride ourselves on customer satisfaction. Buy and/or bid with confidence. If you have a problem with your order, give us an opportunity to resolve it before leaving a feedback. Contact us directly through eBay messaging, email or phone instead of opening a case with eBay. We will do our best to resolve any issues and will be honest and reasonable in any situation. It is in this way that a solution can be made quicker. We will leave feedback after transaction has been completed and buyer has left feedback. Our Ebay hours are Monday-Friday: 9am – 5pm EST. Saturday: 9am – 4pm EST. Sunday: Closed. Major Holidays: Closed. All questions are answered during these times and orders are processed within 24 hours of confirmed payment, excluding Sunday.We will combine shipping – please send us a request for this. Please wait to pay until you receive a combine purchase invoice.PAYMENT: Payment must be made within 5 days after the auction/sale has ended, or you will have an unpaid case auto open and item will be put back up for auction/sale. PayPal is preferred, please email for other options.RETURNS: We accept returns up to 7 days after you receive item, as long as item is in its original condition and packaging. We will not accept returns on items that are not – the item will be sent back to you as your purchased item. We will refund purchase price only, shipping and handling fees are non-refundable. Please contact us before sending the item back. If we have not been notified of the return, the return will not be accepted and the package will be sent back to you. Return shipping is the responsibility of the buyer. Once item is received back to us – refund will be issued.LIABILITY: Product defects is limited to the purchase price only. We are not responsible for the installation, training in the use of or operation of any item we sell. The buyer assumes all responsibility of their purchase prior to putting them into service. The buyer expressly releases the seller from any liability arising from the installation or operation of the product being purchased.SHIPPING INFORMATION: We only ship within the United States and Canada. All items are shipped Economy or Standard with Delivery Tracking. Expect delivery within 2-10 business days from shipment date. All items will be shipped with NO insurance unless otherwise stated in description and we will not be responsible for items lost or damaged in shipping. All items are carefully inspected for damage before it leaves us. We take the utmost care in packaging up your purchase. If you would like insurance, please e-mail us BEFORE you pay invoice so we may add insurance cost ($2.60 extra for items $100.00 or less and $5.50 for items $100.00-$250.00). You will be charged what ever USPS charges. Package is sent next business day once payment is cleared. YOU MUST take extra precaution when YOU are opening your package (don’t put a knife all the way through box, take item out of box gently etc..). We will not accept returns on items that come to you broken if you did not ask for insurance on them. We will NOT pay for your return postage if you send it back to us broken or otherwise – return shipping costs are the buyers responsibility. We are not responsible for any wrong or undeliverable addresses.INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING: To Canada ONLY. Package is sent either First Class or Priority Mail. All duty, taxes or other fees are the Buyers responsibility. Package can take up to 10 days to receive. Please wait for invoice so actual shipping charges can be added.TAX: Michigan residents need to add 6% Sales Tax Thanks for looking!

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