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Pink Pepper Spray Keychain Self Defense 18% OC Best Formula Guard Dog Accufire

Top Brand Product Protected 4 Life Free Fast ShippingPremium Pepper Spray Self Defense Spray Keychain AccuFire Laser Sight Aiming (PINK) Thank You For Stopping by U-Guard Security Products®. We are a family owned specialty manufacturer and distributor of mini cameras and micro surveillance products. We also like to dabble in other items that can be used to help people stay safe with innovative self defense products and survival gear so you can be better prepared. The bottom line is – we have a passion for cool gadgets and our mission is to bring our valued customers the best quality products they want and need. Our product line-up consist of the leading brands that are quality tested for durability and functionality for everyday use by the novice and professionals. We only sell and offer the leading industry brands and products. If we cannot find the best products we design and manufacture it ourselves to make sure it’s the best quality. We take great care to make sure that all the items we offer are made from the best quality materials with product tested quality controls. You can be assured you’re getting a great value when you deal with us. Our promise to all customers is we offer the highest value and customer service so you have a easy enjoyable experience when you deal with us. U-Guard Security Products has the cool gadgets at great prices, that are designed and made to last!

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