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Self Defense Glass Breaker Emergency Keychain Kubotan Custom Colors Available

You’re walking a quieter area and you aren’t paying attention to your surroundings. No one else appears to be around. As you are about get in your car, you’re lost in thought about your day and you don’t hear someone coming up behind you.When he grabs your throat, you react instinctively and jab out with your key chain. You didn’t even realize it was in your hand as you walked through the parking lot, It’s just part of your key chain and it goes absolutely everywhere with you.The key to self defense is to create a lot of hurt very quickly. After breaking the attackers grip by smashing his hand with one end of the key chain and then jabbing the other end in his face, you have a split second window to make a run for it and get help.You run as fast as you can and call the police. It’s only later you find out that this attacker has assaulted/mugged many other victims in the area and the others weren’t so lucky…it’s that slim window of opportunity to change the outcome of a very bad situation.Ways To Use:The bottom point in fist pounding motionThe top point in a sword thrusting motionYour fist (gripping something like the key chain in your hand makes your fist more structurally solid increasing the force of your punch and making it less likely that you’ll hurt the bones in your hand on impact)(Works better than a ‘Kitty Kat’, ‘Brutus’, or mace/pepper spray, all of which can only have one direction of attack and can also hurt you)Product DetailsSelf defense keychain with knot-work for easy/confident grip Glass breaker Custom bright colors! Easy clean (handsoap and water, rinse fully, and let dry) Paracord and zinc plated bolt Bolt is 3/8″ – 5″, with Paracord it’s 5/8″-5″ Fits comfortably in palm of most hands. Handmade, custom colors available Sample colors shown: Royal Blue, Blue Lady, Neon Orange, Solid Black, and Acid Tiger (are available for purchase) Several patterns available (peak-through, Solid spiral, reverse spiral)

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