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Skull Self-defense Survival Tool Refers To Buckle Broken Windows Tools

Description: (1) 100% brand new, high quality (2) equipped with 15 cm length of the wire, can be used as a necklace pendant. (3) use: defense, escape, coldplay, survival broken Windows. (4)Size:21CM (5)Skull size: 7.3CM X 3.7CM X 1CM The ring diameter: 2.8 CM Does hitting glass in the car, defence yourself, save yourself in emergency situation. Hitting the dangerous animal. It also a necklace you can “bringing it with you in case something happen. EDC defense refers to buckle, not only cool, can also be used for emergency defense as a cucumber in an emergency, break the window to escape and so on.Is the Wolf self-defense artifact, but also EDC lovers become goods! Package Included: 1 X Skull Refers to buckle

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