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Stun Gun Pepper Spray Self Defense Combo Kit Survivor Black

Survivor Stun Gun and Pepper Spray we believe in our right as Americans to defend ourselves, our families, and our fellow Americans from any threat foreign or domestic. (Be sure to read our legal disclaimer and shipping information before purchasing) Survivor Brand stun gun and pepper spray combo (Just $22.95) INCLUDES: 1. stun gun with built in LED Flashlight. 2. A 18%, ½ ounce maximum strength Pepper spray with leatherette holster 3. Stun gun holster This combo deal offers a stun gun and ½ oz. Pepper Spray. A complete package that offers a 50% savings as opposed to buying them individually. The Pepper spray is strong enough to make even the most determined attacker leave you alone and the stun gun, if used correctly, will drop your assailant with pain, thereby stopping the assailant in their tracks. DON’T BE A VICTIM, SAVE THE LIVES OF THE PEOPLE WHO MATTER THE MOST TO YOU, with this non-lethal combo, stun gun, pepper spray & Personal Alarm!!!!! Stun Gun Suggest Retail Price: $18.98 Pepper Spray; Suggested retail price. $7.95 Stun Gun holster, suggested retail price. $5.98 FREE SHIPPING!…….$6.47 value Total MSRP including shipping $39.38 YOUR SPECIAL eBay PRICE: $22.95 that’s nearly a 48% savings STUN GUN Specifications: · 4.9 milliamps depending on the freshness of the battery · Rechargeable internal battery with built in charger. · (Be sure to charge 6 hours before use) · Built-in 100 Lumen LED Flashlight Pepper Spray · Maximum strength ½ ounce. (legal size) · 18% red hot pepper spray · UV identifying dye · These effects can last up to 30 minutes and cause no permanent damage. · Features a quick release safety button · contains 6-10 one second bursts · range of 6-8 feet. TO USE; The Stun gun simply touch an attacker with the outside metal contact probes while pushing the activation button. You can touch any part of an assailant’s body, but large muscle areas, and the upper torso should be your primary target. This unit can’t be damaged by continued firing into an assailant but a discharge of 1 second or longer into the air can damage this or any stun gun. · A ½ – 1 second touch will startle, repel, and cause minor muscle contractions. · A 2 – 4 second touch can cause an attacker to fall to the ground, causing some minor mental confusion. · A 5 second or more touch will cause loss of balance, loss of muscle control, mental confusion, and disorientation. Warning assailant may scream. · IT IS IMPORTANT TO KNOW that NO sound will be heard when touching an assailant, and you CAN’T stun yourself even if the assailant is holding you, unless you physically touch yourself with the stun gun and press the activation button at the same time. PEPPER SPRAY; In addition to causing an attacker pain, Pepper Spray swells the mucous membranes, which makes breathing difficult, and swells the veins in the eyes, causing them to close. These effects last 20-30 minutes and cause no permanent damage, giving you plenty of time to get away and call the law. DIRECTIONS: Hold the pepper spray close to you (Do not extend your arm, so that the attacker can’t grab it). Unlock and spray the Pepper Spray in one motion while aiming at the attacker’s face. (it’s best to aim after you started spraying) be careful of wind! · NOTE: Pepper Spray will burn and irritate any part of the human body it encounters. Caution is recommended MUST BE 18 OR OLDER TO PURCHASE! NO INTERNATIONAL SALES! Unfortunately, due to state Laws, we cannot ship to Hawaii, Illinois, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Columbia, and the following cities, Annapolis MD, Baltimore MD, Chicago IL, and Philadelphia PA……. We apologize for any inconvenience. WE DO NOT SHIP OUTSIDE OF THE UNITED STATES…. We ship the next business day, (USA addresses only) from the day of purchase, via the Post Office, unless you order on Friday (USPS closed weekends) or a Holiday, in that situation we will ship out the next business day. Disclaimer; MUST BE 18 to purchase, RELEASE, ASSUMPTION OF RISK, WAIVER OF LIABILITY AND INDEMNITY AGREEMENT: the seller apadilla32 is not responsible for any physical harm or damage from the use or misuse of self-defense weapons including, pepper spray, stun gun, taser, or any self-defense product purchased from us. (apadilla32) By purchasing a self-defense weapon, including a stun gun, pepper spray, or taser from apadilla32, you understand that we(apadilla32) do not warrant that you(Purchaser/buyer) are legal to purchase, possess, or carry these products according to any state or local laws. You (buyer/purchaser) also acknowledge that you have determined their legality before purchasing and that you are an adult of at least 18 years of age and under no legal disability. By purchasing a self-defense weapon, including a stun gun, pepper spray, or taser from apadilla32, the buyer warrants that he/she follows all applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations regarding the purchase, ownership and use of the item. The buyer expressly agrees to indemnify and hold harmless, (apadilla32) the seller of all claims resulting directly or indirectly from the purchase, ownership and use of the item in compliance or violation of federal state and local laws or regulations. Therefore, by purchasing any self-defense weapon from apadilla32 you have acknowledged that you know, accept, and understand this legal disclaimer. Please check local laws before ordering any self-defense weapon, including a stun gun, or taser.

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