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Survivor Self Defense Stun & Spray Self Defense Combo Set – Purple

Product SummaryThe Survivor Series Self Defense Ultra Mini Stun Gun and Pepper Spray Gift Set is the perfect way to give a loved one the gift of security. The ultra mini stun gun is designed to fit in the palm of even the smallest hand so that all buttons can be easily reached in the event of an attack. To operate the built in super bright LED flashlight, simply slide the safety switch on the side of the stun gun forward one click. This light is extremely useful in everyday situations, as well as disorienting an attacker and drawing attention to your situation. To activate the stun feature, simply slide the safety switch all of the way forward, and depress the round black stun button. The dead red status LED light will illuminate to let you know your assailant will be ready to ride the lightning! The built-in rechargeable battery is easily charged by sliding the wall-plug out from the bottom of the stun gun, and plugging it into any outlet.The included pepper spray keychain is a must for anyone looking for quick way to stop an attacker in the tracks at a distance. Just pop open the button on the soft sided case, pull out your pepper spray, slide the dead red safety switch to the right, and depress to unleash an up to 16 foot stream of the hottest 18% oleoresin capsicum (OC) pepper spray available! Ultra Mini Stun GunEXTREMELY HIGH VOLTAGE STUN GUN – the sound alone can scare off an attackSUPER BRIGHT LED FLASHLIGHT – engineered to last over 100,000 hoursRECHARGEABLE BATTERY – convenient wall charge built into the base of the stun gun so you can’t ever lose it!ULTRA MINI AND LIGHTWEIGHT – weighs only 3 ounces and is 3.75″ in lengthREDUCE THE CHANCE OF ACCIDENTAL DISCHARGE – built in safety switch to keep you safe from personal injurySMOOTH RUBBERIZED FINISH – ensures a sure grip in the most intense momentsOverall dimensions: 3.75″ x 1.5″ x .87″Pepper Spray KeychainKEYCHAIN EQUIPPED – always within reach so you are never caught without protectionHIGHLY ACCURATE – unleash a 16 foot stream of hot pepper spray with the push of a buttonONE HAND OPERATION – easy to maneuver safety switch can be manipulated and depressed with a single handREDUCE THE CHANCE OF ACCIDENTAL DISCHARGE – built in safety switch to keep you safe from personal injuryLABORATORY TESTED – 18% oleoresin capsicum (OC) hot pepper sprayOverall dimensions (pepper spray canister): 3.25″ x 1.25″ in diameter

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