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Tactical Pen for Personal Protection and Self Defense – EDC Pen

BellFyd Tactical Pen for Personal Protection and Self Defense – EDC Pen with Built-in Glass Breaker, LED Flashlight – Outdoors Survival Gear for Concealed Carry – Best Tactical Pens Holder Set ✔️ SAFETY FIRST – Primarily designed for self-defense, BellFyd EDC Security Pen takes personal protection to the next level. Slim and small enough to fit in your hand, the tactical pen features a sharp point and a classy appearance that makes it an effective, professional, yet discreet self defense weapon.✔️ MADE TO LAST – Crafted from military grade tungsten steel, the tactical multipen for self defense won’t stain, won’t rust, and won’t fail. Thanks to its robust construction, this combo tactical strikpen with glass breaker can be used for emergency car window breaking or to fend off an attacker.✔️ MULTIPURPOSE – If you value multifunctional self defense pens that can get you out of trouble, BellFyd tactical spy pen is hard to beat. Featuring a sharp point, a LED flashlight, a screwdriver, a wrench, and a bottle opener, it is one of the best tactical pens on the market. This elegant silver stylus pen can be easily used by both men and women.✔️ GIFT READY – BellFyd Self Defense Tactical Pen kit is a clever survival multitool pen to own and a pleasure to receive. To make things easier, the self-defense pen comes in a handsome gift box that makes it a perfect present for those persons you want to keep safe. Mom, dad, daughter or son – all of them will enjoy using this mini tactical pen which fits perfectly in a pocket, purse, briefcase or can be attached on a belt thanks to the added clip. Product descriptionYour Safety Matters!If you value peaceful resolutions to conflicts, but still want to feel safe at all times, BellFyd Defender Pen is thegadget for you!Built like a tank, this tactical defense pen will never let you down when you need it. The built-in glass breaker allows it to break a windshield, while the sharp tip makes it a self-defense weapon.Most of the time, however, BellFyd Spy Pen is a gorgeous ball point pen with replaceable cartridge that writes smoothly, even upside down. Crafted from tungsten steel, the defensive pen:Is built for personal protection and self defenseFits well in your hand, especially in a reverse gripWrites well on any surface, in almost any conditionsWon’t rust, won’t break, and will probably never failLooks as sleek and classy as it is tactically functionalIs a smart tool to own and a perfect gift to receiveComes with 2 ink refills and 3 sets of batteriesMultipurpose Tactical Self Defense GearAlong with a classy look, BellFyd tactical self defense pen features a LED flashlight, a built-in hexagonal wench, a screwdriver and a bottle opener, rendering this multipurpose pen perfect for outdoor enthusiasts.Thanks to its versatile design, the tactical EDC pen can also be used as:Strike pen & Military tactical penSharp tip penPolice tactical penFirefighter penSmall glassbreakerEmergency penPersonal protection for ladiesBall point penOutdoor Tactical PenOutstanding QualityMade with safety in mind, BellFyd Pen:Withstands combat conditionsFeatures a clip for easy carryFits in the palm of your hand (6″)Comes in a classy gift box

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