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Tactical Self Defense 6″ Aluminum Pen Glass Breaker Kubaton Military Grade

Raw Ambitions Tactical Self Defense Pen with Glass Breaker ALWAYS HAVE PROTECTION: Incredibly easy to pull from our pocket . Keep this pen accessible and always feel safe.ALWAYS HAVE AN EMERGENCY EXIT PLAN: With the glass breaker tip you will always be able to escape by breaking a window to get out of a car or a building.ALWAYS HAVE A DEPENDABLE PEN: This is a heavy duty ball point pen with black ink that has consistent flow that you will love. Glass Breaker and Tactical Self Defense Tip The glass breaker tip of the pen can break glass which is perfect for being able to break out of a building or escaping a car. This tip is perfect for self-defense. Being able to defend yourself without any hesitation is crucial to your survival when being attacked. Pen CapWith this tactical survival pen you can easily secure the cap on either side. The cap with belt and pocket clip is very useful. You will not have to worry about losing your pen.

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