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Tactical Strike Pen self defense Aerospace aluminum alloy Survival Portable Pen

HTML Boilerplate #2 Tactical Strike Pen self defense Aerospace aluminum alloy Survival Portable Pen Not only provides you with a writing instrument but also a self defense tool . Also can be use the diamond head to break glass or strike attackers in emergency situations. Steel clip: ergonomic design, convenient to wear hanging inside a bag, backpack, laptop, purse . Buy it for self defense or just because it looks so cool! I KNOW it is asking a lot, but read this all once, so we have no misunderstandings. It is the same on all my sales.I want to make deals, not grumps. ALL sales to US Addresses ONLY. NO international sales. (one more caveat and I can sell this as a novel!) I DO NOT sell outside the United States of America. Please don’t ask. PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT MOST OF MY PHOTOS ARE USUALLY QUITE A BIT LIGHTER THAN ACTUAL COLOR, SUCH AS BLUED FINISHES. THAT IS SO I CAN SHOW FINE DETAILS BETTER THAN AT ACTUAL SHADE OF ITEMS. IF NEED BE, CONTACT ME FOR PROPERLY COLORED EXAMPLES. Note #1: ALL OF MY SALES ARE FROM PERSONALLY OWNED ITEMS AND COLLECTIONS OF “STUFF”! I AM NOT IN RETAIL SALES, BUT SALES TAX IS REQUIRED FOR CALIFORNIA SALES. The “People’s Republik of Kalifornia” has to take every advantage to pay the 51% of its budget to welfare recipients! Sorry, not under MY control. No, I am not selling to survive, or “have to”, I am simply “making space” in my daughter’s (slumlord’s) garage! AS ORDERED! Well, strongly suggested. No sales, no space. No space, no cake w/chocolate frosting for Daddy! As I am a disabled Vet, I sometimes have trouble getting out, but WILL ship as fast as possible. I do not allow returns unless I have obviously misstated the facts. (for which I will apologize as I RAPIDLY return your money!) Nothing is broken unless it says so in the ad. I pride myself in only selling something I would (and HAVE!) bought myself. I don’t like bad surprises, so why should you? Note #2: Due to a problem with insurance listing choices (eBay removed the choice!!), I am including insurance on any items of great value at my cost, to cover final price value. (per ebay, I cannot list that as a separate charge – DUMB). Firearm related parts may require gunsmith fitting and installation for safe and proper function. By bidding you agree to be 100% responsible for the inspection, use, and safe storage of items purchased. Non-Firearms parts or items may also require expert installation, use or implementation. No Unicorns were harmed preparing this ad! (I hope) Payment must be received within 4 days of winning auction. Non-payment WILL result in bad feedback & the item being re-listed! Ask me 1st if in doubt about something. If there IS a problem, contact me asap, and we will work it out. (Within that 4 days please) If we are not BOTH satisfied, it’s NOT a good horse trade! And, they all should be! K1JAN ARRL Technical Advisor, Southwestern Division Paul Andreasen, TSgt, USAF (Ret) U.S. Disabled Veteran ROMAD, 601st DASS (1967-1974) (There’s no such thing as an Ex-ROMAD) CCT, 1278th APS (1974) Psalms 51:10 Lompoc, CA Born in MAINE, living in Exile “Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind. “~ Dr. Seuss Be careful of the words you say Make sure they’re soft and sweet You never know from day to day Which ones you’ll have to eat In the words of Samuel Adams, ‘If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude than the animated contest of freedom — go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen!'” “I prefer peace. But if trouble must come, let it come in my time, so that my children can live in peace.” -Thomas Paine

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